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  • Sticks & Sparrow Digital Tortoise Glasses
  • Sticks & Sparrow Digital Tortoise Glasses

Sticks & Sparrow Digital Tortoise Glasses


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Sticks & Sparrow Digital glasses filter down damaging blue light emitted from digital devices and act as a shield to protect the eyes. Overexposure to artificial blue light from computer screens, smartphones, laptops and other digital devices can disrupt some important biological processes. Whilst some natural blue light exposure is necessary for cognitive function to boost alertness, aid memory and improve overall mood, extended exposure to blue light can cause harm to our health and wellbeing. Blue light blocking glasses help combat symptoms such as: Digital eye strain & tired eyes Blurred vision & Dry eyes Headaches & dizziness Sleep disruption It takes as little as two hours of screen time to cause digital eye strain. With the increased usage of devices and close visual proximity to screens, overexposure to blue light is occurring through artificial sources at unnatural times. Blue light exposure at night reduces the excretion of melatonin, interrupting the sleep cycle and interfering with the body’s natural circadian rhythm. Sticks & Sparrow blue light blocking glasses are designed to promote better eye health, deeper sleep, proper mental recovery and increased energy levels. Product Features: Anti-Reflective Blue Light Blocking Lens Lightweight TR90 front frames Hand crafted bamboo Temples Spring Hinges for added comfort Protective Cork Pouch

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