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Camilla and Marc Addison Belt

$180.00 $180.00


CAMILLA AND MARC Addison Leather Belt in Black with Gold.

Crafted with the finest vachetta leather, this belt exudes opulence while maintaining a versatile appeal. The unique Camilla and Marc buckle, adorned with the monogram logo, adds an element of exclusivity and sophistication that's truly unmatched. With 8 hole adjustability, this belt seamlessly transitions from waist to hip, offering unparalleled flexibility in styling.


  • Vachetta Leather belt with unique Camilla and Marc buckle
  • monogram logo
  • 8 hole adjustability so the belt can be worn on both the waist and hip
  • XS/S - 103cm
  • S/M - 110cm
  • M/L - 117cm