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Grown Alchemist Hand Wash 500ml

$38.00 $38.00

An extremely soothing hand wash ideal for compromised or easily-irritated skin thanks to a potent blend of skin-calming phyto-actives like Tasmanian Pepper. This delicately scented hand wash is infused with botanical oils that hydrate without disturbing the skin's PH balance, while nourishing and protecting the skin against impurities.

Frankincense Oil is a centuries old botanical with astringent properties, helping keep skin in balance and defending against impurities. It also brightens, improves skin tone and can help skin feel strengthened. 

Aloe and derivatives of Coconut Oil hydrate, brighten and revitalize skin while delivering antioxidant protection.

Tasmanian Pepper Leaf Extract is derived from an Australian berry that features a phyto-active called polygodial a powerfully soothing agent for calming inflammation or irritation.  It is reported to even soothe itching and burning sensations on skin